Sicura Agent
  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Upgrade
  4. Commands
  5. Configuration


Upgrading the SIMP Scanner is easy on both Windows and Linux systems.

Begin by obtaining the latest package from your distributions from your console, new simp-scanner packages should be available if it was updated in the latest version of the console.

Once you’ve logged into your console, navigate to the Infrastructure -> Client Installation page.

Here you will see a set of instructions on how to get started with the scanner.

Click on the package you wish to install. For Windows download the .msi file, for Linux download the .rpm file.


Simply run yum install simp-scanner-[latest_version].el7.x86_64.rpm using your terminal or using your preferred RPM installer GUI.

At this point, you should see that the package will be upgraded to the latest version. Proceed with the install and your simp-scanner will be at the latest version.


Before running the latest version of the MSI, you must first remove the current version of simp-scanner using the Add or Remove programs tool in Windows.

Once the current version of the scanner is removed, you are now able to safely run the latest version of the simp-scanner-[version].msi to be at the most updated version of the scanner.