Sicura Agent
  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Upgrade
  4. Commands
  5. Configuration

Using Sicura Agent

The Sicura Agent can be executed from the command line with sicura-agent followed by sub-command. For a full list of sub-commands and their functions, run sicura-agent help.


Jobs can be run immediately or scheduled for specific times from the Sicura Console UI. From the command line, sicura-agent will launch the Sicura Agent into a “waiting mode”. The Agent will then open connections against each collector, waiting for a job to be requested.

sicura-agent list

Running sicura-agent list will display any downloaded benchmark files along with their included profiles.

sicura-agent info

Running sicura-agent info will dump all system information being used by the Sicura Agent.

Note: Your output will vary from this example depending on your system.