Sicura Console
  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Upgrades
  4. Running SIMP Console
  5. Configuration - Accounts
  6. Configuration - Collector
  7. Configuration - Database
  8. Configuration - Security
  9. Configuration - Plugins
  10. Sidebar - Administration
  11. Sidebar - Infrastructure
  12. Sidebar - Reports
  13. Commands
  14. Known Issues

Note: All of the following config options can be set in



Pruning Report Data

To keep the database from storing too many reports, the user can specify the maximum number of reports to store per node using the following setting. The default is 3.

main.max_scans: 3

Configuring SIMP Console Collector

The collector is the communication point between the SIMP Scanner and SIMP Console. The current version of the collector is v2 which all SIMP Scanners since console version 1.2.0 fully support. If for whatever reason you want to use a scanner from previous releases you will need to enable the legacy collector.

  "main.legacy_collector": true