Sicura Enterprise Edition
  1. Introduction
  2. Licensing
  3. Installing Sicura Enterprise
  4. Server install from RPM
  5. Server install from ISO
  6. Upgrade Sicura Enterprise
  7. Server Installation via Control Repo
  8. Enable SIMP Compliance Engine
  9. Configure SIMP Compliance Engine
  10. Included Compliance Profiles
  11. Console install via Puppet
  12. Agent Install via Puppet
  13. Coverage - CIS, Windows
  14. Coverage - CIS, Linux
  15. Coverage - CMMC, Windows
  16. Coverage - CMMC, Linux
  17. Coverage - DISA, Windows
  18. Coverage - DISA, Linux
  19. Coverage - NIST 800-171 r2, Windows
  20. Linux DISA Module Usage
  21. Windows CIS module usage
  22. Linux CIS Module Usage
  23. Linux SSG Module Usage

Server Install from ISO

Download the ISO

Use the following link or curl command to download the current ISO image.

Sicura Enterprise 6.6.0

```bash curl -f -o Sicura-Enterprise-6.6.0-1.el7-CentOS-7.0-x86_64.iso

Install from the ISO

To install a new Sicura Enterprise Server via ISO, follow the SIMP Community installation instructions until you reach the steps to configure SIMP Server. We recommend installing with FIPS disabled unless it is required by your organization policy.

After the simp config and simp bootstrap commands have been executed, the enterprise modules and files will be available to all nodes.

Console and Agent Installations

RPM packages for the Sicura Console and Sicura Agent are provided in the SIMP/assets directory on the ISO. After installation, these files will also be in /usr/share/SIMP/assets/simp-enterprise-assets-<version> on the SIMP Server.